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At the Chester Sports and Physical Therapy Clinic I have made a huge difference to people’s health and well being. My patients have been exceptionally glowing in their testimonials which you can read below.
I firmly believe these testimonials are down to my qualifications, knowledge, professionalism and the high standard of treatment & care for every patient.

Thankyou Francesca !

Revitalised Couple

What the Treatment meant for Us

"For more than 30years I have had a back problem. Regular preventive maintenance visits to Francesca have kept me almost completely free of back pain.
At the same time her gentle but penetrating massages relieve the neck and shoulder pains I inflict upon myself from tension and stress.
The efficacy of her treatment is considerably enhanced by Francesca's lovely personality and genuine concern for her patients’ wellbeing. I have recommended Francesca’s treatment to a number of my friends and would recommend them to anyone."
R. Mills, Cheshire
"I have personally benefited from the skills and treatment provided by Francesca Noretta. The kindness, care and individual concern that Francesca shows to her patients is second to none.
As a back pain sufferer for over 40 years , the treatments I have received from her over the last 12 years has made my life much more comfortable. My ongoing treatment has considerably reduced the pain level from which I had previously suffered.
As a result, I am now able to enjoy a more comfortable retirement. Thankyou Francesca for all your hard work. I highly recommend ‘Francesca Noretta’ as a Physical Therapist."
BH. Keys, Wirral
"I was introduced to Francesca through some friends who had received some excellent help as a Physical Therapist. Sporting activity being what it is, I had occasion to consult Francesca and was very glad to get very sympathetic attention.
It gives you a great deal of confidence to know you are in expert hands.
The treatment has been effective and comfortable. In case it became necessary to re–arrange the appointment , it was made possible with a smile. I am glad to have access to such expertise."
S.K. Wazir, Chester
Specialists in Treatments of :
Back & Neck Pain
back and neck pain

Neck pain is extremely common and almost everyone experiences back pain at some point in their life. I CAN help.

Sports Injuries
sports injuries

Most sports people suffer a sports injury from time to time. I can significantly reduce the time before you're back up to speed.

Joint Problems
elbow joint pain

I can help with any joint problems you may have such as knee, elbow, hip, ankle or wrist. Contact me today to see how I can make your life easier.

Muscle Pain
muscle pain relief

Manipulation, deep tissue massage and electrotherapy/ultrasound can really improve or eradicate your muscle problems.

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